Why I Won’t/Will Vote For…



Giulliani – Not even a good bullshit artist. Your “I am personally against abortion but support a woman’s right to choose” stance is such an obvious attempt to get both sides to vote for you without taking a strong one-way position that I would never vote for you. Plus you’re a liar.

McCain – You are such a disappointment! As a vet and a former prisoner of war you had everyone’s respect, even Democrats. But your kiss Bush’s ass position on the war, even while our soldiers are getting killed and maimed, and your wishy-washy “Oh, I think I’ve taken a stance on that, let me look it up and see what it is” politics have destroyed your credibility. Plus, you’re a liar. No vote.

Romney – Like McCain, you are afraid to take a position and stick to it. You also were born with a gold spoon in your mouth and have absolutely no clue about the needs of working people and the poor. Plus, I am very familiar with the Mormon religion and I would never vote for anyone who actually believes that load of crap. You are among the worst.

Brownback – Don’t know much about you but I would not vote for anyone who does not support Roe/Wade. Plus, you were one of the jerks who felt that, in order to keep the ultra right Christian vote, you had to raise your hand as one who did not believe in evolution thus proving that you are obviously out of touch with reality. It was laughable how you and the others raised them slowly, weakly and just halfway.

Tancredo – Another one who raised the hand. You lost any chance of my vote right then and there.

Huckabee – Ditto Tancredo

Hunter – Another right-to-lifer. Not to worry, you don’t have a chance in hell anyway.

Ron Paul – You are the best of the bunch. You are a vet, which should be a requirement. You are not a lawyer but a doctor which is extremely refreshing. Most importantly, you voted against the war way back in 2002. You also bucked your fellow Repubs by voting against the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act. On the bad side, you are from Texas and our recent history with Texas politicians ain’t good. (read Johnson, Delay, Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Cheney and the Texas conspiracy to kill Kennedy) But in a Republican only field of choice, you’re my go-to guy.

Newt Gingrich – Sorry Newt. I thought you were an asshole as Speaker and I think you would be an asshole as President. I suggest you stick to playing a supporting role for your party.

Fred Thompson – I don’t support the idea of movie and TV personalities running for political office based on their popularity from those industries. The only good ones were Clint as mayor of Carmel and Sonny Bono as mayor of Palm Springs. They couldn’t do much damage in those positions anyway. But your sleazy, lying, cigar smoking commercial attempt to discredit Michael Moore (one of the most important documentarians of our time) pissed me off. Stick to your day job.


Clinton – I think you are perhaps the most ruthless politician in the field from either party and I don’t trust you. I never did. While you have the experience, I think you are entrenched as part of the Washington elite and that’s not what we need in these critical times. You have no military experience and that is crucial. Also, while I personally think that having a woman as president is a good thing (eliminates all that male-macho bullshit) I don’t think now is the right time. Whoever becomes president is going to have to command immediate international respect in order to regain relationships that Bush has worked so hard to destroy. I’m just not sure how well a woman will be received in important places like China and the Middle East and I don’t think we can afford to take that chance-not right now. Additionally, we need to retain some strong democratic influence in congress and you are one who can certainly do that. (reader opinions appreciated)

Joe Biden – Joe, your Chairmanship of the Committee on Foreign Relations and your democratic leadership in the Senate are critical. Like Clinton, I think that is where you can do the most good.

Obama – Like many Americans, I don’t think I know enough about you to decide if I trust you or not. You talk a good line and sound like you have vision and character and if nothing else, that has made you a good fund raiser. Your youth and race are in your favor but your lack of international experience is not. I like the fact that you’ve smoked a few joints and done a few lines. That tells me you were normal in the 60’s and 70’s. But I think you are better as the second man on the ticket this time around. That will give the international community and the American people a chance to get to know you and see you in action. Look towards keeping the party in power in 2016.

Chris Dodd – Updated June 1. I just watched the vblog over at Firedoglake. Dodd was excellent. I normally would be suspicious of someone who has spent 32 years in the Washington establishment, but this guy sounds like the real deal. He is my new second choice.

Edwards – Basically, I like what I see and what I hear. Came from a poor family but made it through hard work. Young and energetic. You seem to be well grounded and have a sense of decency. You have had tragedy in your life (the death of your teenage son) but turned even that into a positive thing through the foundation you set up in his name.

Mike Gavel – You don’t have a chance but I like the fact that you worked hard to end the draft after Vietnam and were instrumental in getting the Pentagon Papers into the public record in 1971. Frankly, I think that at 76 you are too old to be president. Use your experience, influence and good sense to help the party in other ways.

Richardson – I know very little about you (hope to know more as the campaign goes on) but I like what I see so far. Your “resume” commercial was about the best campaign commercial I have ever seen.

Wes Clark – You are the only career soldier running and have a military career that is above reproach. I admire your efforts to avoid war with Iran and agree with those efforts including the VoteVets.org and StopIranWar.com websites. You won’t win this election but whoever does will be making a big mistake if they don’t give you an important position in their administration.

Al Gore – For a number of reasons, you get my vote. You appear to have strong moral character and values. You have domestic and international experience. You managed to spend 8 years as vice president without being involved in any personal or political scandals (no small feat.) You don’t have “Kennedy” charisma but have managed to impress us without it. When the presidency was stolen from you by the Bush cartel and it became evident that they had the power to make it stick, you showed your character by making a decision to not drag the country through a drawn out legal battle (though many of us wish you would have fought it tooth and nail.)

Most importantly, you are the only candidate that not only has respect on both sides of the aisle and in both houses, but you already have the respect of governments all over the world.

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  1. jjok Says:

    so I take it your a democrat? haha

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