The Dem’s wuss out – big surprise

American troops’ message to the Democratic Congress, “Thanks a lot, assholes.”

So much for all of the pre-election bullshit. When it comes right down to it, they are all just a bunch of politicians, in each others pockets, doing each other favors, afraid to actually stand for anything lest they might lose a vote.

It’s really no surprise that the Democrats buckled under to Bush. It’s only a surprise that we continue to believe their election bullshit and allow ourselves to get our hopes up. Of course, they depend on that.

The part of this that pisses me off more than anything is this little under reported tidbit.

Democrats also gave up for now on their plan requiring Bush to certify U.S. troops sent to combat are adequately trained, rested and equipped, as Pentagon rules require. That provision could have put serious constraints on the military.

Well, God only knows we don’t want to put any “serious restraints on the military.” For you parents/wives/husbands out there who have a loved one serving in Iraq, what that means is, there is a very good chance that the guy who is watching your loved ones back is not adequately trained, is poorly equipped, and/or is exhausted and thus, unable to protect your son/daughter/husband/wife effectively. Here’s the Dem’s bullshit cover story.

Illinois Rep. Rahm Emanuel, a member of the House Democratic leadership said: “This legislation marks the beginning of the end of the Iraq war.” The new measure, he said, would bring “accountability to this war.”

Can you believe the gall of these jerks?? The Democrats make the French look courageous.

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