US Broadcasting Terrorist Messages?

This is classic Bush administration. The $63 million funded Al Hurra Television, which is supposed to be broadcasting pro-US public diplomacy in Iraq, is instead broadcasting terrorist messages. How are they getting away with that? Because none of the senior executive staff even speaks Arabic!

Al Hurra television, the U.S. government’s $63 million-a-year effort at public diplomacy broadcasting in the Middle East, is run by executives and officials who cannot speak Arabic, according to a senior official who oversees the program.
That might explain why critics say the service has recently been caught broadcasting terrorist messages, including an hour-long tirade on the importance of anti-Jewish violence, among other questionable pieces.
Facing tough questions before a congressional panel last week, Broadcasting Board of Governors member Joaquin Blaya admitted none of the senior news managers at the network spoke Arabic when the terrorist messages made it onto the air courtesy of U.S. taxpayer funds. Nor did Blaya himself or any of the other officials at the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which oversees the network.

These nincompoops want us to believe that they have a tight grasp on the proper operations of an international war. Shit, hey can’t even run a damn news broadcast without f***king it up!

(h/t to carpetbaggers for this).

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