American’s Can’t Handle the Truth!

img_fewgoodmen.jpgH/t to Piglipstick for this scathing attack on our complacency and the MSM that feeds it.

“Just like the terrible disaster at Camp Falcon last year and the true number of dead and wounded in the fascist war on the world, realities have to be hidden from the American ignorati at all costs. Let’s all play bubble boy just like the psychopath in chief. Sneak those coffins home in the dead of night, pretend that all that depleted uranium isn’t killing and sickening everyone in sight, ignore how the world is going to shit while this sick perversion of human life holds sway in the world.”

It’s about time we as bloggers have the guts to expose a big part of the problem which is the American people’s laziness when it comes to actually demanding change. It’s one thing to tell a pollster that you don’t agree with the war or with the administration – it’s another thing to actually try to do something about it. And you better believe that Bushco knows this and depends on it. It’s why he is able to get away with murder.

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