Feeling Good in a Climate of Fear

I read the online news every day including most of that offered by those on my blogroll. The news is all about corruption, death, despair, crime, scandals, fraud, abuse, lies and fear. This last one-fear-is the one that the American government clings to and depends on to keep us all in line so they can continue to escalate their criminal war and violate our constitutional rights. It depresses and disgusts me.

The progressive bloggers do an excellent job of covering the news. They don’t need my measly help. I might still put my 2 cents in but, for a while at least, I want to be a place to take a break from it. A place to spend a minute or two away from the horror that fills the news. A place to smell the roses.

So I am going to offer up a series of feel good music and videos. The video quality varies, but the sound is good. Come, spend a couple of minutes and get your mind right.

And by the way, Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney. Fuck you. You don’t scare me.


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2 Comments on “Feeling Good in a Climate of Fear”

  1. Kathy Says:

    You were right when you said I’d feel good if I dropped over! Thanks for the suggestion. Was that Kevin Bacon in Footloose? The old mind just doesn’t recall names like it used too. My favorite videos were the Blues Brothers (one of the few films I’ve watched multiple times) and Neil Young. He’s always been a favorite of mine from my flower child days! 😉

    By the way, it’s easy for you to say Bush and Cheney don’t scare you from where you sit. Just wait till you try to come back and visit this country again someday!!

  2. expatbrian Says:

    Hi Kathy, yes it is Kevin Bacon. Agree about the Blues Bros – always been a classic and one of my favorites too. And you are right, I feel safe criticizing Bush from here. I wouldn’t from there and that is the problem. The fear that there could be reprisals for criticizing the government is not what our Constitution intended.

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