The King

I don’t have much of a readership here and the one good thing about that is that I can post whatever I want guilt free. There are no audience expectations of my content..:) This morning, feeling nostalgic, I decided to post this.

There are many who are good, fewer that are very good, and fewer still who are truly experts – at the top of their game – whatever that game might be. Names like Ali, Pele, Spitz or even Mozart and Van Gogh come to mind.

In the entertainment world there are performers, headliners and then the stars. Sinatra, Streisand, Nicholson, Bogart and Hepburn are certainly in that star category.

Then there is the category of Superstar. These are the extreme few who become larger than life, legendary, even Godlike to their fans. As much as I search my brain I can only think of one entertainer who fits that description. I offer this evidence.

I titled this post ‘The King.’ I wanted to use something else because I knew that would be a dead giveaway of the ultimate subject. And that is the point – when we are talking about entertainment and we use the term ‘The King’ we all know who we are talking about. Not the king of comedy or the king of swing or the king of anything in particular. When we say ‘The King’ we all know that is Elvis.

Another interesting bit of evidence is the fact that, around the world there are literally thousands of guys who make their living impersonating Elvis, still. It seems like there is one on every street corner in Las Vegas alone. And finally, no matter who else you might omit, no history of American music would be complete without including Elvis Presley. John Lennon was quoted as saying, “Before Elvis there was nothing.”

The big headliners in Vegas used to be the likes of Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Wayne Newton. But when Elvis was in town, they were in the audience.

I saw Elvis only once. As an 11 year old boy I actually took a picture of him getting off the monorail at the World’s Fair in Seattle. This morning I spent a couple hours searching Youtube for an appropriate video to go along with this small tribute. I figured if I could find one that choked me up it would be good enough. This one fit the bill.

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