Well, Isn’t That Special

cl.jpgAfter years of painstaking research
(and probably millions of parishioner’s dollars) the Vatican has determined that maybe, just maybe, babies may still get into heaven even if they die before they are baptized.

This article, posted on the Catholic News Service website, states that,

“After several years of study, the Vatican’s International Theological Commission said there are good reasons to hope that babies who die without being baptized go to heaven.”

The article goes on to say that,

“…there is greater theological awareness today that God is merciful and “wants all human beings to be saved,” it said. Grace has priority over sin, and the exclusion of innocent babies from heaven does not seem to reflect Christ’s special love for “the little ones,” it said.

Well, isn’t that special. Does this mean that the billions of babies that have been born and raised outside of the Christian faith may not have gone to hell or purgatory or limbo or whatever the hell it is after all? Nope, sorry. Those little devils still don’t get the nod because,

“This does not deny that all salvation comes through Christ and in some way through the church, it said, but it requires a more careful understanding of how this may work.”

Just what the hell have these people been doing for the last 2000 years? They are just starting to study how it works? Jeez!

I probably got it all wrong in Sunday School 50 years ago but I thought we were already taught that God was all merciful and loved all of his children. I guess thats only if you belong to a religion that sprinkles water on your head.

I can’t help but wonder what happens to the other three fourths of the planets population. The Buddhists and the Hindus and the Muslims and the Jews and all the others. What happens to them? Where do they go? And what about all those who were around for the thousands of years before Christianity was created? I don’t know the answer to those questions but I do know that, wherever it is, one day I’m probably gonna end up there.



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2 Comments on “Well, Isn’t That Special”

  1. praguetwin Says:

    The Buddhists and the Hindus and the Muslims and the Jews and all the others. What happens to them? Where do they go?

    Come on man, I thought you said you went to Sunday school? That is easy: they burn eternally in a lake of fire.

    See you there!

  2. Kathy Says:

    I consider myself a Christian and I attend a Lutheran church, although I’ve also belonged to other denominations over the years. Anyway, I know what the church teaches about how to get into heaven, but my heart tells me if people can forgive the most heinous crimes – and people have – then how much more does God forgive us? It only makes sense to me that God can forgive all of us if we didn’t cross the T’s and dot the I’s exactly the way the church said we should, and it also makes sense that He wouldn’t hold it against a Buddhist, Hindu, etc. if they didn’t belong to our organized religions.

    In the end, I think it boils down to the condition of our heart when we face God. If we recognize our faults and repent, then our journey was not wasted.

    Okay, that’s my 2 cents.

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