Blogroll Purges

I was just reading up on this topic over at Impolitic. It seems to be getting a lot of interest. For myself, when I want to read hard news I generally go to Huffington, Crooks & Liars, Raw Story, Think Progress or the like. But really, they are very much the same.

What I enjoy more is reading the commentary on the news rather than the news itself. For that I enjoy Impolitic, Stone Soup, Old Hippie, and the wonderful satirical humor of Jesus General, and many others.

I don’t get too hungup on whose blogroll I am on or not on. I am probably a C-list or D-list blogger and I only post when I think I have something interesting to say. I don’t report news because there are so many who do it so well. While it is great to get comments from readers, I don’t see any point in just saying the same thing that others are saying. Personally, I get tired of reading about the same headline news, ie the Gonzales scandal or McCain’s latest silliness on 20 blogs. There are many interesting and important things going on that are not in the headlines and I appreciate the niche of bloggers who address them.

I do agree that the less read bloggers should spend time reading and commenting on each others blogs because it is largely what keeps us here and while we don’t get much traffic, it is important to the future of the blogsphere that all of us keep posting and more join us. So I will keep on pluggin’ away and hope others will too.

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4 Comments on “Blogroll Purges”

  1. praguetwin Says:

    So I will keep on pluggin’ away and hope others will too.

    You can count on me to do the same. Blog on!!!

  2. Libby Says:

    I love these new digs Brian. But I do sort of miss the pictures you used to post. You’re right about keeping on blogging though. I’ve been plugging away for four years and I’m only just now making some headway on getting noticed.

    But you never know when someone is giong to find what you wrote and it’s going to make a difference in their lives. You might not even ever find out, but it does. Communicaiton is everything and I’ve always thought it’s not how many that read you, but the caliber of your readers that counts. I’ve met some great people, including you, that I wouldn’t know or interact with if I hadn’t kept blogging.

  3. Libby Says:

    Oh by the way, I meant I miss the pix of your house and the art projects and stuff. I love that you’re embedding charts and stuff here now.

  4. “I don’t get too hungup on whose blogroll I am on or not on.” – I added you to my blogroll anyway. Thank you for the very kind words concerning my words.

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