Crime in the Streets

A few days ago I posted on crime in America, stating that the terrorists we really need to fear are those prowling our streets each nite just looking for an opportunity to molest, steal, and worse. The feds have been so successful in instilling the fear of fanatics 8000 miles away that we seem to have forgotten about the very real daily threat here at home.

The following chart compares the incidence of crime in 4 US cities and Singapore. The statistics are for 2005 and show number of crimes per 100,000 population, thus making the numbers comparable.


It is obvious by the numbers why Singapore is considered one of the safest cities/countries in the world. What makes this enormous difference? First and foremost, there are no guns here. Even the police must turn in their weapons at the end of their shifts. Target shooting is a hobby here and enthusiasts can keep their weapons at the various shooting galleries under lock and key. But no one can carry guns in public and the penalties are severe. That is the second point. The Singapore authorities do not fool around with crime. They are not overly concerned with defendants rights and there are no jury trials. The result, for those of us who do not commit crimes, is safe streets, even at night, even for the children. I love it.

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2 Comments on “Crime in the Streets”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Those figures are pretty impressive. I assume that groups like the NRA don’t exist in Singapore?

  2. expatbrian Says:

    Hardly. People lobbying for guns or drugs wouldn’t last long here. The penalty for using a gun in the commission of a crime, whether you shoot the gun or not, is death. Bringing a firearm into the country or possession of a gun is life in prison.

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