The Terror in America’s Streets

Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan….the terrorism capitals of the world, right? WRONG

The government has got everyone so hysterically frightened about the “terrorist threat” that we have forgotten about the rampant, out of control terrorism walking our streets and in our neighborhoods every day and night. Everytime I hear a politician talk about being tough on crime I want to puke.

I am talking about the crime in American cities. When it goes up its someone elses fault and when it goes down the politicians all rave about how well they have done. But it never goes away. Do you let your children go out alone at night? Ofcourse not. Why? Because the chances are too great that they will become a of victim of the terrorists that are out there just waiting for them. No, they are inside, behind locked doors and windows.

Of the top 7 crime cities in the world (based on crimes per 100k population) 6 are in the US. Why is that? Is it because there is absolutely no real gun control and anyone who wants one can get one somewhere? Is it because drugs are out of control and can be bought in any high school or on any street corner? Is it because our prisons are so overcrowded that we can’t keep even violent criminals behind bars? Is it because our judicial system is so overburdened that plea bargains are the rule and not the exception? Is it because the politicians care more about the gun lobby money than they do about keeping America safe? It is all these things and more.

This is madness America. Your governments, federal, state and local, cannot even keep your streets at home safe. But they are spending billions to keep you safe from a ragtag band of misfits 1/2 a world away. Isn’t that wonderful. And they are using up one of your most valuable resources, young men and women, to do it.

I’m reminded of the scene in “Footloose” where the minister stops the angry group of townspeople from burning books they think are evil. He says to them, “the devil is not in these books. He is in here, in your heart”. America, the devil is not in Iraq. He is just outside your door. And all your pompous, rich politicians aren’t doing one damn thing about it.

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One Comment on “The Terror in America’s Streets”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I like the new site. I wish I had the time and the courage to change over.

    Your comment about not letting our children out at night hit home. My husband and I are expecting a new grandchild this year and we were just talking about how worrisome it is to raise kids today. A parent hardly feels safe letting them play in the backyard alone, let alone walking to school by themselves.

    We’ve definitely regressed as far as “civilized” society goes and I blame a lot of it on the leaders at the top who set the tone – corporate and political.

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