FDA vs. The Killer Weed


images1.jpgAlthough 11 US states have legalized marijuana for medicinal use, and a new University of California study shows that it significantly reduces pain in HIV patients, the FDA continues to stick by its claim that “marijuana has no acceptable medical uses”. Indeed, authorities can and do arrest these patients because the federal government refuses to acknowledge the medical benefits of the drug.

WTF? These studies have been going on for a long time. Pot has been shown to be an extremely valuable drug for treating cancer patients, not only because of its pain easing qualities but also as an appetite stimulant.

God, these politicians are so afraid that they might lose a vote if they even whisper the word marijuana, in any context, that they are willing to let sick and dying people suffer unnecessarily.

Now, I haven’t had any cambo red or acapulco gold or thai stick, not even a bud, in decades (sigh) and when I did it wasn’t for pain or sickness. We did it to get high and have fun. I fear that in doing so we, the so called counter culture, gave grass a bad rep that it didn’t deserve.

In any case, I do know this. There are many more dangerous drugs out there being used in hospitals, prescribed in pharmacies and even sold across the counter.

But advocates of medicinal marijuana don’t have a powerful lobby like the drug companies and the tobacco companies do. They don’t have the money to buy off the politicians like the other powerful lobbies and they probably never will.

It’s just one more thing that a democratic administration, with a democratic cabinet, and democratic federal agencies might be able to set right. In the meantime, mom, dad, gramma and grampa..if you can’t get it at the local clinic..grow your own. You remember how.

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5 Comments on “FDA vs. The Killer Weed”

  1. Libby Says:

    Hey Brian. Nice digs. Love the new look. And a great post. We do have some reason to hope with Mark Souder sidelined and Dennis Kucinich in charge of the ONDCP’s budget in restoring some sanity into drug policy but I’m not holding my breath just yet.

  2. Mark Says:

    yes i couldn’t agree more. there are drugs being given over prescription that have far worse side effects than the wacky baccy.

    nice new blog btw. blogger will miss you!

  3. Kevin Hayden Says:

    In the past 2 years, one study indicated pot may impede the development of Alzheimer’s. Another assumed smoking it would lead to a rise in lung cancer and sought to quantify ‘how much’. They were shocked to discover it did the opposite, lowering the risk below what non-smokers experience.

    Not only is pot therapeutic as a drug with anti-nausea, anti-glaucoma, pain management, asthma-alleviating properties, but the more it’s studied, the more it looks like a miracle drug.

    Which the feds want to control because of that unpleasant side effect of making you feel good.

    Come visit Oregon. A trifling amount only earns a traffic ticket as a penalty. I may not smoke it like I did in my twenties, but a few tokes a year sure help take the edge off the frustration/sadness/anger that results from the steady drip-drip-drip of Urban Cowboy Fascist Imperialism.

  4. expatbrian Says:

    Welcome Kevin,
    Thanks for the comments. Actually, I entered Univ of Oregon in Eugene as a freshman in 1967. Only stayed until the following April due to the army and the war but it was such a great place that I did return for a visit later.

  5. praguetwin Says:

    HI Brian,

    I like the new site. I’ve made the adjustments on my blogroll.

    I agree with your sentiment here 100%. However, I doubt the Democrats will have the guts or the political will to do anything to change the situation.

    As my conservative uncle argues, “(Us) lefties think the Democrats champion your pet issues, but they don’t.” We expect the Democrats to do something about this, but they won’t.

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