Kansas Sees the Light (again)

The Kansas Board of Education, which was replaced in 2005 after an outcry by parents against the Christian conservatives, has reinstituted evolution as the science standard in its school curriculum. Full story is here.

Notable quotes from the article:

The new standards, set to take effect immediately, replace those put in place in 2005 by a conservative majority of the board who challenged the validity of evolution and called it incompatible with religious doctrine.

Yes, it is incompatible with religious doctrine, as well it should be.

Some religious groups argue that evolution cannot be proven and clashes with Biblical teachings about how God created the Earth, humans and animals. Teaching evolution misleads and confuses students, opponents say.

How about, not teaching evolution, which is supported by all the scientific evidence, might be a little confusing to children.

I am so tired of hearing the Christian ultra-right spouting that, because there are gaps in the scientific research on our planet and our peoples evolutionary sequence, that automatically means that it is all hogwash and also means that Creationism and more recently, Intelligent Design is the proper answer. It doesn’t seem to occur to them that these gaps are due to the fact that prehistoric life forms from single cells to early man DID NOT KEEP RECORDS OF THEIR LIVES ON HARD DRIVES OR CDROMS FOR US TO PERUSE LATER. No, it has taken good, solid research by trained professionals to show us the truly wonderful picture of our evolution. I am confident that over time, all the gaps will be filled – by them and their successors.

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