We Are Numb

David Beckham
signed a contract
for $250 million
to play soccer…

Millions of children
are starving all
around the world…

The President
of the United States
is a lying psychopath…

It is all being allowed as if it is normal….
World gone mad.

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3 Comments on “We Are Numb”

  1. Praguetwin Says:

    Yea but Beckham is REALLY GOOD at soccer.

    I wonder how much he will donate to charity.

  2. expatbrian Says:

    He ain’t that good. It is a real testament though to what the public views as important. Sports stars and movie stars are soooo important. Beckham was the number 2 news story today behind bushes speech. God.

  3. Praguetwin Says:

    He is good a free kicks though.

    Priorities anyone?

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