Gotta Love Them Cat’lics

“As a Christmas gift to Lincoln’s progressive Church reformers, Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re, head of the Vatican Congregation of Bishops, heartily approved the Inquisitional action of Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz, who excommunicated every single local member of the country’s largest and most progressive church reform group, Call to Action.” (go here for the whole story)

Call to Action was originally formed by the US Congress of Catholic Bishops to increase lay participation in the church. Like most American Catholics, they support an end to clerical celibacy, ordination of women, and lifting the ridiculous ban on birth control. Unfortunately, the Vatican just ain’t quite that progressive. Instead, they react to these issues by excommunicating what is probably the very best of their flock. These are the same people who (as proven by their action and inaction) condone and cover up the sickening abuse of church children by their clergy. No offense to the lay Catholic populace, but I think it’s time this church cut the crap and join the real world. And don’t even get me started on the Mormons.

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4 Comments on “Gotta Love Them Cat’lics”

  1. davince Says:

    Wonderland, Nebraska,and Oz
    By Vinnie Nauheimer, 2006 all rights reserved

    “Off with their heads,” said the crazy red queen.
    “Death to their souls,” said the bishop of mean.
    Alice rebelled at the farcical scene;
    Lincoln’s Catholics believe him obscene.

    Actions too cruel, highlighted his rule,
    Acting like a fool, braying like a mule,
    Red bishop, flaunting his domination;
    Declared wholesale excommunication!

    Rakish red face reflects his red dresses.
    On maintaining power he obsesses.
    He should reside in his neighboring state
    For as Oz, he’d make a better prelate.

    Refusing communion, his stock and trade
    In a job, where he has never made grade.
    He conjures up laws that haven’t been taught
    Whose purpose is to leave others distraught.

    The bishop doesn’t speak for Jesus Christ.
    The laity is aware of the heist.
    The hollow log can no longer deceive
    Power only exists where people believe!

    When the faithful cry out, “Off with his head!
    This bishop’s ideas belong on death’s bed!”
    Then, will balmy red bishop and red queen
    Return to Wonderland ne’er to be seen.

  2. Kay Goodnow Says:

    As a resident of Kansas, the Land of Oz, I appreciate (with smiles) DaVince’s descriptive poem.

    As a survivor of (heterosexual) priest abuse, 1952, I find this bishop ‘lost inside himself’ and curiously small minded.

    If nothing else, this bishop clearly illustrates for all to see his lack of understanding of the message brought by Christ.

  3. ATman Says:

    We know the CRCC (Corporate Roman Catholic Church)got rid of the best of their flock, but there was a reason. The simple reason is the flock used reason in their thinking. Any institution with a long history of oppression cannot have anyone that uses reason and freely thinks. Both are better off.

  4. Matt Says:

    Wow, interesting blog until this attack. I’ve never trusted protestants/heretics and now I have even more justification. Thanks for playing the ignorance card, once again.

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