Just Another Genocide…

The Khmer Rouge leaders who were responsible for the bloody massacre of roughly 2 million innocent Cambodians have still not been brought to trial 30 years after the fact. Seems the government and other international players can’t decide on the proper protocols and methods. In the meantime, some of the perps, including Pol Pot, have died of old age. Others are still living freely.

I’m wondering who doesn’t want this to ever come to trial and why? Justice is ok as long as it does not threaten the powerful.

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2 Comments on “Just Another Genocide…”

  1. Praguetwin Says:

    I went to a lecture by a man who lived in Cambodia for two years and his take is an interesting one. Many people there feel like it should simply be left in the past. Perhaps that is why littlle has been done.

    I’ll get you the name, as I have forgotten it. He wrote a very good book on the subject.

    Welcome back by the way.

  2. Mickell Says:

    The culprits of the genocide may get away from proper punishment in this lifetime. But they definitely shall not be able to squirm their way away from divine judgement and eternal damnation in hellfire.

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