Some Final Election Thoughts….

Before I get into the election, I just have to say congrats and thanks to those great bloggers who worked so hard to inform us and keep the message at the forefront. You have shown how powerful this medium is.

I am reminded of a scene from Rambo Part II. He has been beaten, tortured, hung in a pool of human and animal waste. The Russian “interogater” tells Rambo it will become so painful that he WILL talk. Rambo simply looks at him and says “Fuck You”. America, you showed your greatness once again on Tuesday by saying fuck you to corruption, nepotism, greed, and government crime.

I bet Cindy Sheehan just loved it.

At his press conference Bush said that the American people had “spoken out” against partisanship in Washington. No George, they spoke out against YOU and your criminal administration.

Corruption was apparently a huge issue with the voters. Democrats cannot forget that. Though there is much to be done, and done quickly, the administration’s corruption and crimes must be addressed aggressively. Dems, you said you had the guts. Now it is time to prove that you do.

You have to wonder just how great a presidency Clinton would have had if he had a Dem house and senate for his entire term….sigh.

Murtha for Chair of the Armed Services Committee.

Hang Sadaam and get our soldiers out of harms way.

Congratulations Nancy. Prove that you have what it takes.

Dems, you now have the control and the power to lead this country back to greatness. You can restore our position in the world as the true light of liberty and freedom. You can right the wrongs of the last 6 years. Don’t blow it!

Lastly, it is crucially important that the right people are chosen to run in 2008. If not, all that was achieved in this election can be lost. I hope the Dems don’t allow a bunch of mediocre, business as usual wannabes to muddy up the waters at nomination time. The Democratic candidate must be a person of unquestionable integrity, have a clear vision, and be respected on both sides of the aisle at home and throughout the world. Hillary is way to controversial and open to partisan attack. Obama isn’t ready and we aren’t ready for him.

Al, it’s time to step up to the plate and take your true place in history.

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5 Comments on “Some Final Election Thoughts….”

  1. Libby Spencer Says:

    Merry Christmas Brian.

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