Neglected Story of Another Scumbag

I have read all my linked blogs over there ——————> and didn’t see one mention about this story. To summarize, Jacob Zuma, VP of the ANC in South Africa, was accused and arrested for raping a 31 year old family friend in his home. She was HIV positive. The judge finally found him not guilty but scolded him for having unprotected sex with her.

In a previous article it was revealed that one of Zuma’s responsibilities as VP is heading up the HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention campaign in South Africa. My favorite part of the story is his apology.

Zuma, also repeated that he was HIV-negative, saying: “I have periodically determined my HIV status and will continue to take the necessary measures to protect myself.” He apologised “unconditionally” for having had unprotected sex with the HIV-positive woman.
“I should have known better and acted with greater responsibility. I erred on this issue and on this I apologise.”
He urged the youth to prevent the spread of Aids and fight the stigma associated with it.
Zuma said his having taken a shower after sex with the complainant was merely an ”additional measure” to Aids prevention. “I didn’t say a shower is a cure for Aids.”

My take on the story is this. I think the sleazeball, believing he was too important to get in trouble, raped this woman, unprotected because he was lust crazed at the time even though he knew she was HIV positive. Then, in the after-sex recover phase realized “Oh shit” and jumped in the shower to scrub his weenie. He not only convinced the judge that it was consensual, the woman became the accused and he became the victim!

He assures everyone that he is HIV negative and knows it because he gets tested frequently. I’m sure the South African public was SO HAPPY to hear that. Just how many women is this guy balling anyway? If my memory serves me, when Nelson Mandela formed the ANC and became President after over 20 years in prison, it was a very respected party in the international community. Has that changed? I think so. And this guy is just another repulsive, corrupt, vile, lying politician. The world is full of them. Won’t surprise me if he gets honored at the White House. He would fit right in.

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6 Comments on “Neglected Story of Another Scumbag”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I haven’t seen this story anywhere in this country, although there are so many stories about corrupt politicians its hard to keep up.

    I wonder why authorities are moving the woman out of the country after the trial. Do they fear for her life? Does she know more than she’s saying and they’re worried about her talking to the wrong people?

  2. Venitha Says:

    You read stuff like this and think it can’t possibly be true. It’s so…. cartoonish. What the hell?

  3. Praguetwin Says:

    Maybe we should trade links. I was on it.

    Besides, us expats should stick together.

    What do you say?

  4. Fat Fingers Says:

    I read this on the CNA website a few days ago. He’s a scumbag!

  5. […] the newly elected leader of the ANC is on track to become president of South Africa despite this horrendous rape incident (in which he raped an HIV positive woman but said it ok because he took a good shower afterwards. […]

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