No Sex is Good – Good Sex is Bad

I just read this interesting post over at Raw Story. Now I’m confused. Maybe somebody can help me out here. Our “faith based” administration is funding HIV programs in third world countries but ONLY if they don’t include sex. Mmm.

So, let me get this straight. God makes men and women. He installs this enormously powerful physical urge to have sex and sets it up so it triggers at the young age of about 12 or 13. Then he tells us to be fruitful and multiply. A bunch of churches are formed in His name and a bunch of holy guys run the churches and “interpret” His words. They say you can multiply (which I think requires sex) BUT don’t ever do it at that age AND if you don’t get married, don’t ever do it at all. And IF you get the urge anyway (that one that God installed) don’t even consider satisfying it by yourself because masturbation is a horrible sin. In other words, grin and bear it, and don’t bare it, until you’re married. The Catholics take it even one step further. IF you do get married, giving you the go ahead to have sex, DON’T use condoms or any other birth control because the sex is just to have babies, NOT for enjoyment alone. WTF?

So now, the Bush administration agrees. They will fund your HIV/AIDS awareness programs, but only if you do NOT include the use of condoms and teach ONLY abstinence in your awareness campaign. This follows the teachings of the Catholic clergy. You remember the Catholic clergy, right? They are the ones who CAN’T get married and thus, stay chaste for life. Ofcourse, they get around it by forcing unwanted sex on young boys.

So, this is why I am confused. God gives me the urge to have sex and makes it feel GREAT so I will do it alot and really enjoy it. Then the church tells me NOT to enjoy it, but only do it to have children AFTER I get married. Then our government, in the face of a sexually transmitted disease epidemic, decides to base our HIV foreign aid policy NOT on what the real experts in the field recommend, but on what these hypocritical, butt-banging, child molesting clergy wankers are spouting. And were Adam and Eve married before they started begatting? Yeah, I’m confused.

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5 Comments on “No Sex is Good – Good Sex is Bad”

  1. Robin Says:

    me too.. which stewpig govrment is this?

  2. Left of Center Says:

    meanwhile for lack of a real education on STDs AIDS is rampant in many areas of the world. A shame… These Christocrats make me ill.

  3. Kathy Says:

    The Bush program actually has the potential to increase HIV/AIDS, especially in places like Africa. They trust infected people to stay celibate, which is unrealistic, so the people go out and have unprotected sex and infect someone else. Geesh…the Bush administration cannot change human nature. They need to provide condomns and money for HIV/AIDS.

  4. Libby Says:

    But under their reasoning, if you don’t follow their rules of abstinence, you’re a heathen and a whore and deserve to die anyway.

    Mindboggling that they can sell themselves as Christians.

  5. cyclone Says:

    Being in the HIV/Bioterror business, I can testify first hand as to the damage that this administration’s policies have done to the world’s fight against AIDS. The Booshies and the Christian right honest to God want a huge population reduction, world wide, based upon their view of who is worthy to live in “their world.” A study, in Texas of all places, showed that “abstinence only” education actually INCREASED the incidence of teenage sex. And, of course, STD’s and HIV increased right along with it. Purely insane policy, eliminating everything that experts in the field know to work in fighting this horrible disease. Always a string to Boosh money, and just another notch in the gun for the Booshmeister. Think that’s bad? Wait until about October when the bird flu hits the US. The proposed “reduction” will be obvious to all when the Tamiflu they are cranking out doesn’t work.


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