Body Count

 Five more young American boys today, 33 so far this month. Untold hundreds of innocent citizens – men, women and children during the same time. When are we going to force the representatives that work for us, that we pay salaries to, to put a stop to this insanity.

We are not near the end…this is just the beginning. It is in the probable future for boys who are 14 and 15 today.

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6 Comments on “Body Count”

  1. an ant on the move Says:

    Hi, its sad but this had to happen – it was a guerilla warfare that US was going to undertake, and I was very surprised when they actually went ahead into it with the gutso they did.

    Would you prefer it if he withdraws forces from Iraq now?

  2. Libby Says:

    I would prefer they leave Iraq right now. We’re not doing a bloody thing but make it worse.

  3. expatbrian Says:

    It has become clear that we had no right to invade this sovereign nation in the first place. The “US” did not initiate this. George Bush and his cabal did. Yes, I think we should pull out immediately and arrange support for the reconstruction. But that won’t happen under this administration, or any other Texas based and backed administration.

  4. an ant on the move Says:

    you’re probably right in wanting Bush to leave Iraq, but what if pulling out today creates an Afghanistan five years down the line (thats what pretty much happened, when the Soviets got defeated in the late 80s, and the US packed up its interest abruptly).
    And its pretty much sure that left to their ways, the Islamists are indeed going to spare no effort to turn it into one. Its a bitter pill that perhaps has to be swallowed full.
    Yeah, its Bush’s war, but history and politics are full of a fool’s follies being paid for by someone else. Shirking it would be escapism.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Making a little progress at last…

    Moussaoui Deliberations Enter Second Week

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