Misc. On The War

Two news items worthy of note today on the sickening quagmire in Iraq. First is this over at Huffington. Please read it all for some insight into how the White House and the Department of Defense supports our brave troops. The are sending soldiers suffering from mental health conditions back into battle-armed with medication that can inhibit their alertness. One of the more disgusting passages is this:

Even more troubling than perhaps complicating soldiers’ mental-health illnesses and endangering their combat-readiness, is the allegation from Steve Robinson, director of the National Gulf War Resource Center in Silver Spring, Md., that the Pentagon is trying to pare its budget by cutting needed services to soldiers and vets.
Robinson said three Army doctors have told him about being pressured by their commanders not to identify mental conditions that would prevent personnel from being deployed.
“They are being told to diagnose combat-stress reaction instead of PTSD,” he said. “That does two things: It keeps the troops deployable and it makes it hard for them to collect disability claims once they get out of the military.”

Also, in bush’s optimistic speech yesterday he highlighted the successful occupation of a city called Tal Afar. We took this city before but then gave it back to the insurgents. This round the army stayed and bush gives it as an example – the ONLY example of how the war is going well. One city? ONE F**CKING CITY? After 3 years and over 2,000 lives, this is all he can give us is ONE LOUSY CITY? There are alot of cities in Iraq. I hope they all don’t take 3 years to occupy and cost 2,000 lives each.

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4 Comments on “Misc. On The War”

  1. Kathy Says:

    How awful, and this is the party that claims they “value” life?

    BTW, I love the icon “Throw out the wimps!”

  2. Venitha Says:

    One of the “treats” of being back in the US recently was getting to hear day after day of Bush’s press conferences attempting to convince Americans that the war is going well and that he isn’t a complete moron. Very depressing.

  3. Mickell Says:

    This sure looks like another Vietnam. Or is it worse? ;p

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