I spent a year in Texas many years ago. Texans are a different breed. I was from California. Texans didn’t like Californians, thought we were all hippies and dopers. I wasn’t surprised that John Kennedy was murdered in Texas. I wasn’t surprised that his patsy killer was shot inside the Dallas police station to shut him up. I’m not surprised that his VP at the time was a Texan and able to assume the presidency.

Johnson was a democrat but he WAS a Texan and that was something. I’m not surprised that we massively increased our military manpower and equipment in Vietnam under the false pretense of an attack in the Gulf of Tonkin that never happened…under Johnson. I am not surprised that Johnson decided (Texas power decided) to not run again in ’68. Afterall, he was still a democrat and the Texas power structure needed a republican that they could completely control.

I am not surprised that Dick Nixon was the choice of the oil and industry barons in Texas. Must have pissed them off royally when he screwed it all up. I’m not surprised that George Bush finally got the hot seat and none of us should be surprised, really, that his son, as inept as he was and is, ended up there too. I’m not surprised that he too created a war based on a lie. Texas money and power can do that and to stand in their way is to place your career and possibly even your life in jeopardy. George W is going to be gone in a few years. Watch for the Texas connection when his replacement is chosen.

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3 Comments on “Texans”

  1. Left of Center Says:

    texas is a weird place. My wife is a Texan. They do think they are seperate from everyone else in the US.

  2. Cory Says:

    As far as I’m concerned they are seperate from everyone else. Texas feels like a third world country you need a passport to visit. I have no idea why there is all this Texan pride? I grew up in California and although I think it’s a pretty great place I’m not flying a California state flag all over the place.

  3. Mark Says:


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