Income Taxes

I posted on this once before but it’s that time again and it is so insane that I have to do a followup. I recently received my income tax form from the Singapore IRS. It is one page that I don’t even have to fill out and send in because they do that for you. Total taxes due for the year 2005 = $740 dollars…Sing dollars…about $480 US dollars…FOR A YEAR.

Today, I received my US 1040 BOOK! I am a single guy with no assets and this BOOK is 150 pages long! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. And they don’t want $480, they want over $6,000!! Lollllllllllll. And the US is still running huge deficits. Singapore maintains at least a hundred billion dollar surplus to provide a stable economic structure for its people.

Every president since Ford has been talking about reforming the tax codes, simplifying the forms, instructions, etc, etc. Not one has done it yet. What HAS happened is that you poor and middle class folks are paying more and the rich are paying less.

Well, I feel for you. While you are struggling to make heads or tails of the forms, or paying H & R Block to do it for you, I’m gonna pay my $740 sing dollars. (note: income tax is not subtracted from pay here every check. You just pay once a year)

And the bad news for you US folk is….next year you can just about depend on it being worse..and the year after that..and the year after that….UNTIL YOU FINALLY DECIDE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

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6 Comments on “Income Taxes”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Groan…I hate all the paperwork we have to file. I spent last weekend shredding old returns, receipts, etc., and I bitched the whole time – first at the IRS and government, and second at the idiots who steal our identities and make owning a shredder a necessity.

  2. Left of Center Says:

    We have a messed up system here because we’re idiots and we deserve it.People I know always get excited and almost brag about how much money the’re getting back this year for their refund. I say.. You idiot! Why did you loan the government your money for a year interest free? Why didn’t you do your W4 correctly and have them deduct the right amount from your check? If you owe at the end of the year the amount will be small, and just think, you would have been able to use your own money all year. Then they say ” well, I can get a big TV now” Then I say, : “your an idiot.”

  3. expatbrian Says:

    exactly Lefty. I don’t think most people even compute how much they have paid in all year and how much that refund is, so they can see the net they have really paid. Ofcourse, the tax procedures are so complex that most people cannot hope to do their own returns, and cannot afford real professionals to do them. H&R Block is not a group of CPA’s, it is a group of young preparers that only know the basics, like most of those agencies.

  4. mikevotes Says:

    The problem is with the current leadership and funding structures, any changes are going to benefit the wealthy at the cost of the poor.

    Not to mention the accountant’s lobby. Something like 10 Billion a year?


  5. Mickell Says:

    Hi Brian,

    R u advocating that your buddies in America fly down to Singapore and be an expat like yourself? 🙂

  6. expatbrian Says:

    No Michael, not advocating that, although I think they would love it. What I AM advocating is that the American public rise up as the powerful force they can be, and demand the ouster of their fraudulent, criminal federal administration. (Our Declaration of Independence demands it too)

    I am also advocating that the 50% of Americans that don’t bother to vote, get off their dead asses and get the rest of the corrupt congress voted out. Won’t happen, but it should.

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