It is now a crime to wear a t-shirt that bush doesn’t like

By now, everyone knows that Cindy Sheehan was arrested and thrown out of the SOTU address for wearing a t-shirt showing the number of American war dead in Iraq. Today, those charges were dropped and an apology was given along with an explanation that said, “They were operating under the misguided impression that the T-shirt was not allowed,” Hanley said Wednesday. “The fact that she (Sheehan) was wearing a T-shirt is not enough reason to be asked to leave the gallery, or be removed from the gallery, or be arrested.”

So, are they telling us that the Capitol Police, probably one of the best trained, highly qualified elite police forces in the country, don’t know what the fucking laws and rules are???? In the Capitol??? Isn’t that their job???

That’s crap. Bush didn’t want her there under any circumstances and I am sure the police were told to get her out for any reason they could drum up. They can always let her go and apologize after the address is over. Who cares that her rights were violated. I hope she sues the pants off of them and wins. Bush is a lying, stupid but dangerous criminal. It is almost laughable that he was the very best the republican power brokers could come up with for president.

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2 Comments on “It is now a crime to wear a t-shirt that bush doesn’t like”

  1. Mark Says:

    things like this are really a backwards step for humanity.

    if america can’t lead the way in freedom then who can?

    i don’t even want to get started about singapore…

  2. startswithk Says:

    Hey, isn’t the first part of the Bill of Rights all about FREEDOM OF SPEECH??? We are studying that and we had a test on it and the answer is YES so that was unconstitutional. This is the sort of thing we’re supposed to impeach people for.

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