Gay Marriage – What’s all the fuss?

Why is so much time, energy, and money going into this debate? To me it’s a non-issue. I don’t care who marries who and I definitely don’t think the state ought to be deciding that. I just read a pretty good page on the issues, the arguments and the answers. Take a moment and check it out here

If you have a good, rational argument against it, please leave a comment.

Oh, and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or whatever is politically correct to say today. I can’t believe people have so much extra time on their hands that they go protest at Wal Mart because the signs there say Happy Holidays. Fucking jerks need to get a life.

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6 Comments on “Gay Marriage – What’s all the fuss?”

  1. Mickell Says:

    My stand is God made Adam and Eve. He didn’t make Adam and Steve. So same-sex marriages are certainly not ordained by God in the beginning 🙂 The gays might have tried legalising it and stuff but it’s definitely not in accordance to God’s laws.

  2. Venitha Says:

    My stand is that it’s about time everyone stopped working so hard to make everyone else so damned miserable.

    Kindness, understanding, tolerance, smiles. These are what the world needs more of. Oh, and grips. As in, lots of people need to get one. Maybe Santa should be leaving them in xmas stockings alongside all those lumps of coal.

  3. expatbrian Says:

    Hi Michael,
    Thanks for your comments. Adam and Eve (if you believe in that story) were certainly made as man and woman to be able to multiply the species. That is all well and good. Today, even many heterosexual couples choose not to have children and I don’t think they are viewed as sinners for that (are they?)
    Also, where I come from, there exists what we call the separation of church and state (see previous post). If the only problem with gay marriage is a religious one, then the government should not be involved at all. It is against the law in the states for the gov’t to legislate religious edicts. I can go along with the church being the authority on this issue (even though I truly believe that everyone ought to butt out and let people have a little enjoyment and love in their short lives without all the bullshit they have to put up with). Some churches are perfectly willing to marry gay couples. Let them. Finally, my question might be, who is anyone else to judge? You? Me? I thought that Christian faith dictated that there is only one Judge. If so, then let him do his job, and let the rest of us worry about our own lives. Lastly, heterosexual marriages ain’t doing such a bang up job either. In the US the divorce rate is 50%, not to mention the spousal abuse, child abuse etc. Again, thanks for the comments, they are always appreciated.

  4. mikevotes Says:


    I saw the pictures of the happy couples during the brief periods that it was legal here in the states, and they just looked so happy.

    Besides, if you wanted to end homosexual sex, what better way than to get them married for twenty years.

    Last, the rhetoric around this always says that gay marriage destroys the sanctity of the man woman relationship. Funny, nobody is seeking an amendment agaisnt adultery, but that, I would argue is much more corrosive than what that artsy couple down the street might do.


  5. Mark Says:

    well they’re not harming anyone else through this. so why should it not be allowed? i can’t see any reasons.

  6. startswithk Says:

    a) they’re not hurting anybody
    b) it’s not going to do anything to straight marriage
    c) if God is all powerful, than he’d stop this if he didn’t like it.

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