You Gotta Love Them Catholics

Daniella Mercury, a Brazilian superstar and ambassador for UNICEF and the UN anti-Aids program, offered to perform for free at the Vatican’s annual Christmas concert that supports various charities. The Vatican turned her down. Why? Because she supports the use of condoms for Aids prevention. A Vatican spokesman said the use of condoms promotes immoral and hedonistic behavior that will lead to more Aids cases, not fewer.
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Huh? Do these people ever read the newspapers? When is the Vatican going to get out of the dark ages and join the real world? Even the Cardinal in Brazil thought it was stupid. Indeed, the Brazilian government just announced they are going to distribute one billion condoms next year to help fight Aids.

Just as an aside, in Pennsylvania, the archdiocese is fighting a proposal to allow anyone who was abused by priests, regardless of age, to step forward and file suit against the church as long as they do it within a one year window. Why are they fighting it? Because they say it could bankrupt the diocese. Jeez!! They expect that many lawsuits? Did the priests there do anything with their time except molest their parishioners? And the Vatican is screaming about “immoral and hedonistic behavior” because of condoms? Makes me laugh so hard I almost puke!

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2 Comments on “You Gotta Love Them Catholics”

  1. Mickell Says:

    That’s the problem with these staunch Catholics who are against the use of condoms. In the Philippines, there is no birth control at all so its population just keeps exploding ;p

  2. Daniel Says:

    So the Vatican is supposed to condone immortality so some of the consequences of it will not be experienced? The issue is not birth control but aides and out-of-control priests. Why criticize all priests because some who should have ran from their problem or quit the priesthood and got married. Why not criticize the whole problem beginning with liberal policy that condoned the free sex movement which included pedophilia. If they have their way, it will be legal for their behavior as well. It is not just stupid priests, it is stupid societies and their intelligent officials that must share some of the blame.

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