Exposing an Old War Lie

In the news today, a document was declassified showing that critical intelligence data which led to the escalation of the Vietnam War was intentionally skewed by the NSA. click here. President Lyndon Johnson and Defense Secretary McNamara were told that a second torpedo attack against a US destroyer had occurred on August 4, 1964. (The infamous “Gulf of Tonkin Incident”) This led Johnson to to ask congress for retaliatory air strikes and for a free hand in Vietnam. Congress agreed and the rest is history. Trouble is, it never happened.

The NSA has struggled to keep this information secret since 2001 fearing that it will be compared to the current administrations lies about why we invaded Iraq. Duh. The big difference is Johnson didn’t know the report was false – Bush and Dickhead knew all along and still they started this war. The other difference is, the American public found out about the WMD lies early in the game but, being the gullible sheep that we are, we have let the administration continue the atrocity, believing all the other lies they tell us. We are a herd of sheep when we should be a pack of wolves.

1.5 million men and women had their lives changed forever by Vietnam. 58,000 others died in a foreign war that could not be won and was based on lies. And here we go again. You better wake up America! Take off that sheep’s clothing. Demand that your government listen to the 60% of you who don’t trust your president and know this war is wrong and unwinnable.

God, I just can’t believe we impeached Clinton for a blowjob but we let Bush get away with murder. It’s just so sad.

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One Comment on “Exposing an Old War Lie”

  1. mikevotes Says:

    You’re right. Not that I want to excuse this administration, because the actions in this case are particularly egregious, but this isn’t new.

    This is how the US has gotten into war after war.

    Remember the Maine?



    I found you through Libby’s Impolitic.

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