Pedophile Priests

I just have to comment on this. The Catholic church has come out with a new “doctrine” concerning gay priests entering the priesthood. Basically what it says is that anyone who is a practicing homosexual or those with deep seated homosexual tendencies should be barred from the priesthood. However, if one has “overcome” his (and I use ‘his’ because the Catholic church does not allow women in the priesthood) homosexual tendencies for a period of three years, he can be admitted.

Before I rant, I want to say, I am not homophobic, nor do I care one way or the other about gays entering the priesthood, except when they abuse their authority by molesting children who trust them, which, apparently, some priests seem prone to do. I grew up in a family with one gay brother and I supported him when no one else in the family would.

Anyway, my problem with this new decree is this. First, the Bible already condemns homosexuality so why does the Catholic church even need to come out with some new edict? Is this just a political move on the part of the church to lead us to believe that they are genuinely interested in this problem? Well, we already know that is bullshit. They have known all along that their clergymen are molesting children, but because it has become public now, they feel they have to do SOMETHING to make everyone feel they are aghast!

Secondly, I love the qualifier. (You see, the church is losing recruits for the priesthood anyway, and if they just ban gays 100%, they will be in serious trouble because so many of the priests-to-be are gay, as they always have been)

I am wondering how they are going to enforce the “three year – no tendency” rule. I envision the scenerio…..

Monsignor: Deacon Smith, do you have homosexual tendencies?

Deacon Smith: Yes, Monsignor, I do.

Monsignor: Are those tendencies deep seated?

Deacon Smith: Well, Monsignor, they were at one time but not anymore.

Monsignor: Oh, you have overcome your deepseated homosexual tendencies?

Deacon Smith: Yes, sir, I have.

Monsignor: Do you have any current butt buddies?

Deacon Smith: No Monsignor, I haven’t had any butt buddies for, um, over three years now.

Monsignor: Very good. And have you given any, ah, performed any oral sex lately?

Deacon Smith: (swallows) um, no sir, not for over three years now.

Monsignor: (legs moving nervously) Would you consider doing these things if the opportunity arose again?

Deacon Smith: Ahh, Umm, no Monsignor, I want to be ordained and I promise that my deep seated tendencies towards these wonderf….disgusting practices are under control.

Monsignor: (sighs) Very well, Deacon Smith, welcome to the priesthood. We have a choice of a few initial assignments here, can you tell me if there are any that appeal to you?

Deacon Smith: Mmm, let me see….the handicapped elderly home…..the food for the poor program…the blind ladies league….the impress………yes, I think I will take this one..the impressionable, poor adolescent boys foundation!

Monsignor: Great!! Good luck… Father.

Seriously now, we have found out that the Catholic church, all the way up to the Vatican, has been protecting even it’s elite against allegations of sexual abuse of children. It is nothing new to them, just to us, now that the truth is being told. Like the criminal Bush administration, the church is engaging in a propoganda campaign to try to convince you that THEY ARE OK AND THEY ARE ON TOP OF IT AND THEY ARE UTTERLY CAPABLE OF SOLVING THIS PROBLEM!

Last note. In all seriousness, the problem here is not with gay priests, it is with pedophile priests. And that is who the church, with all its power and money, should be rooting out of the priesthood.

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2 Comments on “Pedophile Priests”

  1. Mickell Says:

    I agree with you. Pedophiles
    should never be ordained as priests in the first place. And priests who have been found guilty of molesting children, should be barred forever. It’s better for the Catholic Church to grapple with the problem of not having enough priets to run its churches, then risking children getting molested and worse still, sodomised by pedophile priests.

  2. fma7 Says:

    scripure is somewhat meaningless after the recent church scandals in Canada: Religous leaders must
    stay away from our children. Multi-generational epidemics of sanctioned and church protected pedophilia proves religion and children should not mix

    Stay out of our bedrooms. Work on correcting your own dysfunctional sexual urges

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