Foreign Criminals

It seems that some people have difficulty understanding that when you travel in a foreign country you are subject to the laws of that country. And If you violate those laws you are subject to verdicts of that country’s legal system. Seems simple enough to me. My old brain may be playing tricks on me, but I seem to remember reading a few cases lately of Australians being caught with drugs in foreign countries. I guess some just never learn.

If these drug trafficers had been caught in the US, there would be alot of back and forth diplomatic doublespeak, they would have gotten a slap on the wrist, and sent back to Australia. Ofcourse, this is one of the reasons that drugs and crime are totally out of control in the US. From what I have been just reading on the net, crime and drugs are quite a problem in Australia too.

Singapore is different. Crime rates and drug related offences are low. The city is clean and safe. The government intends to keep it that way so the people who live here and those who visit can feel secure. Thus, the penalties for upsetting the status quo are severe. They are also much publicized. Still, this idiot decided that he was soooo smart and soooo good that he could bring 400 grams of smack through Singapore Customs and not get caught. He was wrong. Now he is going to pay the price. Thats life in the big city – get over it.

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4 Comments on “Foreign Criminals”

  1. Mark Says:

    I can never come to any good solid conclusion as to why they even bother trying.

    The only other reasons I can think of is that maybe they are being threatened/in serious debt(the illegal kind)/or gotten themselves in some other situation which has lead them to have no choice but to do it.

    Or maybe they are just plain stupid. I’ve heard stories of Singapore students flying back from Australia, after a huge cannabis smoking party, totally wasted out of their faces at the airport and being arrested on the spot.

  2. Mickell Says:

    It’s a good thing you give credit to the Singapore government for their tough stance against crime including drug-trafficking. By the way, have you ever owned any gun in America?

  3. expatbrian Says:

    Only once. When I got back from Viet, feeling naked without a weapon, I bought a .22cal revolver. It ended up getting stolen in a burglary and, with the exception of a pellet rifle for my son, I have never purchased another.

  4. Katalak2001 Says:

    The Aussie that will be hanged 12th Dec should have know better. It tells you right in the imigration card in BIG BOLD RED letters, Sg had death for drugs. He supposedly did this to help brothers gambling debt. I think I would rather risk Guido breaking my legs, than my brother being sentecced to death! Think brother will quit gambeling after his twin is hanged?

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