Rhubarb Pie

My life is like rhubarb pie. Sometimes sweet, often sour….liked by some, disliked by others….sought after or pointedly avoided. At this time in my life, 2/3rds or maybe even 3/4ths of my pie is gone. I decided that I cannot spend too much of the remaining time complaining about politics or war or all the other terrible atrocities that are occurring every day someplace in the world. I will leave that, as my father finally did, to the younger, more energetic and able rebels. God bless them and their efforts.

This is not to say that, when a particularly vicious or inane act is perpetrated on the helpless, I will not comment. No, I will come out swearing, tearing, seething and demanding vengeance. But, at this stage, I need to spend a little time visiting the beauty of my life and in my life, my blessings, and our planet. So my posts will reflect that as they have to a small degree in the past. I will try to make it interesting and worthwhile.

I love good art, good music, good food and good jokes. Indeed, I hope my remaining time here will include a full helping of ribaldry. Sometimes I like it tasteful, sweet, and culturally above board. Other times I like it down and dirty, nasty and coarse. Kinda like eating rhubarb pie.

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2 Comments on “Rhubarb Pie”

  1. Venitha Says:

    Damn, I love rhubarb pie. Do they have rhubarb here? I have the most awesome recipe. I wonder if I brought it with me, though!

    I can certainly see where you’re coming from with the rest of this. I go back and forth on it all myself.

  2. 225712012 Says:

    Hey Brian, you are scaring me a little. Are you ok? I always quite liked the idea of becoming a grumpy bad-tempered old man when I am, ahem, your age.

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