Things I Don’t Miss about the USA

1. Smog – from the polluting factories to the smoke belching cars, trucks and buses. Some days I couldn’t even see the hills and I was right at the foot of them.

2. Traffic – Singapore does not have what I call traffic. Singapore has very busy streets at times. No, traffic is when you sit unmoving in a line of cars so long that your car overheats. Traffic is when it takes an hour to travel 5 miles. I hate f***ing traffic.

3. Out of control crime in the streets. I have said enough about this oreddy.

4. Out of control proliferation of guns and all the laws that allow them.

5. Out of control drugs that make criminals rich and destroy every life they touch.

6. Yardwork – It is soooo nice not to have to worry about mowing, weeding, edging, fertilizing, plugging, cultivating, spraying, chopping, trimming and watering. I’d rather spend my Satudays playing Upwords.

7. Mindboggling tax codes – I was disappointed in my Singapore tax form because it was a full page and I thought it was just postcard size. If a Singaporean ever read a 1040 instruction book and all the associated publications and forms to describe exemptions, credits, allowances, medical deductions, contributions, depreciations, business expenses, social security and medicare taxes, alternative taxes, property taxes, state and local taxes, estate taxes, inheritance taxes, home office expenses (that one is a nightmare all by itself), they would freak out.

8. Lying, cheating, corrupt politicians who would sell their mother to get a vote. Not that the majority vote is necessary to get elected, ofcourse. And have you ever notices that most of them never get gray hair? They think we even believe THAT!

9. The stupid people who actually believe all the BS the politicians say when they are campaigning and then when they do the opposite once in office, the same stupid people make excuses for them so they won’t look stupid for having voted for the jerk.

10. The deteriorating public school system. It is absolutely sad to see a high school graduate who struggles to read and writes like a 4th grader.

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3 Comments on “Things I Don’t Miss about the USA”

  1. expatbrian Says:

    Hi Paddy,

    I can’t read the entire url. went there but couldn’t find what you are referring to. Can you enter the link? Thanks

  2. Venitha Says:

    I live in a really nice place in the US, so 1-5 don’t really affect my life, which is nice, though I admit a bit elitist and out of touch with the real world.

    But I’m sooo with you regarding the political situation. Glorious not to have to hear GW and his goons on a regular basis nor to have to put up with ranting conservatives.

    And Singapore taxes are easy? Who knew? Jim and I are still on US payrolls, and this makes taxes so complicated that our companies have employed agencies both here and in the US to deal with it all. That makes four companies in all, and we receive regular mind-numbing updates. After our first tax consultation with just one of these four, Jim and I decided that our jobs were not so bad. And now that we all know what criminals accountants are, I feel like I should actually pay attention and make sense of it all. Ugh.

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