Just Had To Share

I know, I know, we all hate blogs of family pics…but I just couldn’t help myself. Just got these from home and it’s been a long time.

My daughters Lindsay and Leanna. This was Lindsay’s (left) wedding day.

My granddaughter Hattie on 5th birthday. This is Lindsay’s first baby.

My granddaughter Hannah is two. Lindsay’s 2nd baby.


My grandson, Cody (Leanna’s boy) at the wedding.

The whole family in Wyoming on vacation.

Hannah’s baptism. The mammoth man on the left is my son Nathan, all 6’8″ of him.

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2 Comments on “Just Had To Share”

  1. Mickell Says:

    Beautiful family you got 🙂

  2. expatbrian Says:

    Wow..thanks Michael. As a parent you know…our own kids are always the most precious and the most beautiful. See your taking good care of your scrappers too.

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