Bay Area Sports Scenery

Well, thanks to Mark ( I started thinking about one thing I truly miss about the Bay Area, besides my kids. That is the great availablility of first rate sporting events all within a few miles. There are probably not many places in the world with so many venues so nearby. So here are some of the great local sports stadiums and arenas.


Candlestick Park when the Giants played there. In 1989 the Giants were just starting a World Series game here against the Oakland A’s from across the bay when the Loma Prieta earthquake hit. The series was postponed.

Candlestick Park. Still the home of the 49ers. I’ve seen many great games and players here including Joe Montana, Steve Young and ofcourse the great Jerry Rice

Oakland Coliseum, home to the Oakland A’s and historically, my favorite team, the Raiders. I watched Kenny Stabler play here before the Raiders moved to LA and then came back.

The Oakland Coliseum indoor arena, home to the Golden State Warriors NBA team.

Stanford Stadium. This was the venue for the San Jose State Homecoming game each year. Also watched an East-West Shrine game in this park.

Spartan Stadium at San Jose State University, also home of the San Jose Earthquakes pro soccer team and my alma mater.

University of California at Berkeley (Cal) stadium. I never watched a game here but did see Paul McCartney perform.

Last, but not least, San Jose Arena, the home of the San Jose Sharks Hockey Team. Saw a few games here and also enjoyed a CSNY concert in this arena.

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3 Comments on “Bay Area Sports Scenery”

  1. Mark Says:

    LOL. One thing I just realised about the difference between the stadiums in The States and ones in Britain, except for their sheer size, is the fact that the British ones are all totally covered where the seating is.

    No prizes for guessing why. Its the bloody non-stop ice cold raining that we constantly have the ‘pleasure’ of experiencing.

  2. Mickell Says:

    Wonderfully fantastic place San Francisco is 🙂

  3. expatbrian Says:

    Yes, true Mark, at least the stadiums in the Western US. Many in the north and eastern US are covered, even some in the south (see Houston Astrodome where the hurricane survivors ended up) due to snow, rain and other shit weather. But, I gotta say, watching a great football game in the snow or rain, with the players sloshing around in the mud, well, its all part of our football culture and we love it. Now, baseball is a different story. Those pansies take cover as soon as a few drops of rain fall.

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