Where Did I Come From?

The age old debate is back in the news again, but with a new twist. Somehow, the term “Creationism” has been replaced with “Intelligent Design”. Why is that? Is it because learned, educated people even outside of the scientific community just cannot blindly believe in the biblical history anymore? Is it because the church (especially the Catholic church) is realizing that it is losing members who can no longer adhere to outdated moral policy? Is it because there is such a shortage of young people going into the priesthood? Is it politically driven by the Christian conservatives in an effort to overcome the constitutional directives concerning the division of church and state?

If it’s any or all of these things, do the creationists believe that by changing the terminology, people will not recognize that it is still the same thing? This is a very heavy subject indeed, and I think it warrants a few lines on my blog, as useless as my opinion may be.

I believe, historically, religious teaching and the institutions that it has produced have played a critical role in shaping the moral character of nations. I am not only speaking of Christianity nor am I only speaking of the US. Religious doctrine is global and much of it contains the same core values no matter which or where. It is these core values, such as Christianity’s Ten Commandments that are the corner stone of many of our modern laws.

Religion in general and the church specifically has also played a vital role in our
social structure. Historically it is the place where people meet for a common purpose (worship) and a hub for common caretaking (charity). It is a place one can go when all other avenues of help have been exhausted. For these reasons alone, we must value the contribution of the church, at least on the local levels.

Of course, religions have not always been tolerant towards each other. Indeed, many bloody wars have been fought based upon conflicting religious beliefs or, as in Iraq, based on someones distorted interpretation of doctrine.

Ok. So now we have come full circle and, instead of a battle to try to get evolutionary theory admitted into the classrooms, the battle is to get creationism admitted into the classrooms. Jeez, will this shit ever cease?

Religion is not science. Science is not based on theories. Theories are based on science. The scientific method is based on measurable data. It is based on data that can be reproduced in a controlled setting. Science is based on mathematics that can produce the same results every time.

The current debate is whether “intelligent design” should be taught, along with evolution in science classes. I say, absolutely not. It is not science. If school districts want to teach religion, they should set up a religious studies class just like you find in colleges and universities. Then parents can decide if they want their children to attend or not. In fact, for those parents who have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the scientific 21st century, let them also control if their children attend science classes during the evolution modules.

In any case, leave this up to the communities or at least the states. The federal government has no business sticking its nose into this very personal issue. They have plenty of other important matters to screw up as it is.

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3 Comments on “Where Did I Come From?”

  1. Mickell Says:

    So what’s your belief, Brian? Do you believe God made us or life happened by chance and we came from monkeys? I’d say life does not happen by chance. Take a watch and smash it into a million bits. Put all these bits into a box and shake it. Do all the bits and pieces form back into the original watch? Of course not! So how can life, this entire universe happen by blind chance? It had to be a divine Creator who designed and made everything.

  2. expatbrian Says:

    First of all, my personal beliefs are not the issue, nor are anyone elses. The issue is whether creationism has a place in science classes in the US public school system (supported by the gov’t)given that we have a constitutional directive to separate church and state.
    Secondly, evolutionary theory does not say that we came from monkeys or apes or chimpanzes or any other primate. It also does not say that life formed by chance. I won’t go into what it does say, you can read up on that yourself.
    Thirdly, I have heard that tired old watch analogy before. Is that the best the church can give us to “prove” the existence of a supreme being? Taking a mechanical, man made device apart and saying that it cannot put itself back together has absolutely nothing to do with religion or science. It is a ridiculous arguement.
    Lastly, these new “intelligent design” proponents argue that there are gaps in the evolutionary time stream. Well, ofcourse there are! There is much that has not been discovered yet in all sciences, not just anthropology and biology. If you want to talk about gaps, I think jumping from a broken watch straight to the existence of God leaves a HUGE gap. Believers fill that gap with faith. Science fills its gaps with evidence. You ask what my beliefs are. I have a question for you. Will your new son be brought up to believe that the Bible tells the true and only story of the development of mankind or will he have the opportunity to explore all possibilities and eventually make up his own mind? Will he only learn what mom and dad believe?
    I can also draw an analogy here. In the US, children of bigots and racists, like the Ku Klux Klan are brought up to believe that blacks are second class citizens, or not human at all. Ofcourse they grow up believing that. Its all they are taught. By the time they are old enough to learn the truth, the racism is so deeply rooted that it will probably never change.

    Anyway, thanks for your continuing comments. Religious belief is always a strong debate. Maybe I will post something on abortion and we can go a few rounds on that, too.

  3. fma7 Says:

    scripure is somewhat meaningless after the recent church scandals in Canada: Religous leaders must
    stay away from our children. Multi-generational epidemics of sanctioned and church protected pedophilia proves religion and children should not mix

    Stay out of our bedrooms. Work on correcting your own dysfunctional sexual urges

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