Let’s Keep our Focus

With all due sympathy to the unfortunate refugees from New Orleans, and all due respect to those who are working hard to help them, we cannot lose our focus on the other disaster happening every day in Iraq. This shift of interest by the press is disturbing simply because there are plenty of reporters to handle both and keep us all apprised on both fronts. But until today, with the story of 150+ being blown away by 11 organized suicide bombers, we have heard very little about Iraq since Katrina hit our shores.

This is best told at http://www.alternet.org/columnists/story/25476/. Please take a moment to read it.

Most telling to me is dubya stating in a photo op that there are plenty of troops to handle both Iraq and the patrol/cleanup/recovery efforts in NO. At the same time, soldiers in Iraq who lost homes in the hurricane were not granted 2 weeks emergency leave to take care of their family issues in the hurricane zone. Why?

It just keeps getting worse and worse….more later.

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2 Comments on “Let’s Keep our Focus”

  1. Mickell Says:

    Iraq has been a long-drawn war. So Katrina is providing some reprieve of sorts. Media needs different major fodder every now and then. Can’t report on the same situation day in day out for month after month, year after year, can they?

  2. expatbrian Says:

    Bush has lost so much credibility due to the misconceived war that an incident like Katrina would be welcome to avert attention, even temporarily. (this is a common theme in american politics at this level). However, in this case, the admin. bungled the response so badly that it just became another huge problem to them. I am not so naive as to blame the admin. for Katrina. Indeed, the event was so catastrophic that no one could have responded instantly in an organized manner. You cannot move an army of engineers, doctors, troops, food suppliers, the red cross, etc. into an area in that scope of a disaster overnight. But, 4-5 days is unacceptable under any circumstances. Especially given what he and Condi were doing at the time and the additional problem of Brown. Its just unbelievable and very shameful for me as an American.

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