This goes way beyond foolishness

I’m talking about the appointment of Mr. Brown to head FEMA. I think it borders on immoral, if not criminal conduct on the part of members of this administration. Facts in a nutshell. Brown was head of the Arabian Horses Association. Prior to that, according to his resume, he had been an assistant city manager in charge of emergency programs. His buddy was a big Bush contributor and the head of FEMA. When his buddy stepped down, Brown was appointed to take his place.

All it took was a little checking by reporters to find out that Brown’s resume was fabricated. He was never in charge of emergency programs, was an assistant to the city manager, not assistant city manager (there is a difference)and basically had no credentials to be head of FEMA. Is this the very best guy they could have found? No, ofcourse not, but appointments are not made due to credentials…they are paybacks for political and financial support of campaigns.

I can even buy that, because I know that is how our government works. But not for such an absolutely critical job as head of FEMA. This is criminal. Now, when we really needed a top notch guy to coordinate a fast, organized response to Katrina, his lack of experience shows through. Um, maybe somebody could have checked up on his resume before he got hired? I have news for you. They did check. They knew exactly what his background was. You don’t go to work at high levels in this government without being thoroughly checked out. They didn’t care. This was payback between political cronies. President Bush and Chertoff are directly responsible for Brown being appointed and for the slow, chaotic response to Katrina.

I wish that just once, a president would stand up and admit to a mistake like this. But no, Bush said Brown was doing a “heck of a job.” I want to know, now that they have immediately found a replacement that HAS the proper credentials, why didn’t they select him in the first place? See above.

I am here to tell you, kind American readers, your government believes you are stupid. They depend on it. They believe that they can convince you that all is fine in the government, even when something like this is exposed. YOU WILL NEVER BE TOLD IT IS THE PRESIDENTS FAULT OR EVEN HIS RESPONSIBILITY. Not by the administration you won’t.

Last point. This is not an isolated case, you can bet on it. The government is full of non qualified people in important positions. This kind of cronyism is rampant in Washington. Jeez, whoever heard of Judge Roberts a month ago? All of a sudden he is going to be our new Chief Justice…not just a member….the head guy!!

Sure, they will have “investigations” over this whole Katrina mess. The democrats will blame the Rep’s and visa versa, the hearings will drag on forever, until the whole story just dies a quiet death. They all know that. They depend on it. They depend on it because it works..every time. Wonder why they think we are stupid? Maybe because we are?

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5 Comments on “This goes way beyond foolishness”

  1. Chitney Says:

    Clearly the root of this ongoing disaster can be traced back to the day Bush was “elected” in 2000. Talk about setting the tone for the rest of his tyrannical reign of corruption in The Land of the Free [to be Hypocritical].

    The saddest part is that Bush and his cronies have neither the sophistication nor the discretion to actually HIDE anything. They’re like Peter Griffin (of The Family Guy) who attempts to “peep” into the girls’ locker room by standing inside with the girls, hiding behind a piece of wood with a hole in it. It takes great intelligence to be subtle and cunning, which certainly says a lot about the current presidency.

  2. expatbrian Says:

    You are exactly right, Chitney. It’s bad enough to continue to do dumb things, but he will even do them on film..and then none of his aides are smart enough to recognize it, to change or edit it before it goes public. Its like his own people WANT him to look stupid.

  3. Mickell Says:

    Is it any solace that Bush had already claimed responsibility for his administration’s slow response to the aftermath of Katrina? And has been seen visiting the wrecks a few times?

  4. Mickell Says:

    Indeed, it’s anyone’s guess why the Bush administration took such a long time to respond to Katrina’s aftermath. It’s a tad reminiscent of 9/11. Bush also took quite some time to respond to the attacks.

  5. expatbrian Says:

    Thanks Michael for your comments. Bush has indeed said he is responsible. But no, there is no solace in that because he only did it because he HAD to. After 5 days of scalding hot press on the incompetency of his administration, someone finally recommended that he say that. It is an absolutely political move to save face and change focus. I feel sure that most people (in America) will see right through it.

    As far as the “photo ops” showing him at the sites, this is so contrived that it is surreal. He had large equipment brought in as a backdrop to the first area he visited on the ground, then it was removed as soon as his chopper took off! The people in the area thought real help had arrived at last only to find out it was all for show. When you have a few minutes, I will tell you how it really works in Washington and what these visits are for. Thanks again for the comments.

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