Eating in Singapore 2

I have just, within the last two days, found some excellent new places to eat. I prefer hawker centres and coffee shops like the one shown. Last night for dinner I went to Great World City. On the B1 floor there is a Food Junction…kind of an indoor hawker centre. Anyway, there is a Thai stall there serving a Thai style spicy laksa that is absolutely wonderful. Cost is a whopping $3.80! I know, I know, expensive for dinner.

Yesterday was out and about after a morning meeting and my colleague took me to a stall at 293 Jalan Kayu. Now, this is a little street in an old area up around Yishun/Sembawang. I was lost but it’s on the map. My friend told me it was the best briyani in Singapore and very well known. Don’t remember the name. Anyway, he was right. The rice and sauce were the best and even the way they did the cucumbers. The mutton was a little tough, probably should have had the chicken. Very filling (had a roti prata to go with it). Total cost-$5.00. Dang, could go broke in this town.

Lastly, today at lunch…a coffee shop at blk 302 Ubi Road 2. There is a busy retail area there and more than one coffee shop and I don’t know the name but will be going back and will post it if anyone is interested. Anyway, I like the places where you select your own ingredients for your laksa and curry noodles. At this place, CAN! Mixed up a nice assortment and it was the best I’ve had. And trust me, I eat laksa where ever I can. Total cost – $3.00.


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4 Comments on “Eating in Singapore 2”

  1. Mark Says:

    I’ve gotta recommend this place that someone shown me recently called ‘Zim Zam’ near arab street. Great biriyani and greater murtabaks!

  2. Venitha Says:

    I have no recommendations, though I’ll definitely be trying yours! I have to laugh at how blown out of proportion my idea of the cost of a meal out has become.

    We had sushi last week, spending $30 on a single meal; we were lamenting spending such an obscene amount of money on just one meal until we realized that in Colorado that would be wicked cheap! Other than McDonald’s, I don’t know where you could find a US meal for S$3.80.

  3. Mickell Says:

    It’s interesting to know you love laksa. Just found out from Gabriel he was the one who brought you to the joint at Jalan Kayu. Ha. No crap. The prices charged at this place are cut-throat! If you don’t want to go broke. Stick to heartland coffee shops or hawker centers. And about the $3.80 laksa at the Thai restaurant at Great World City, most of us Singaporeans have come to accept it as reasonable for a joint inside an air-con shopping mall. Afterall, these businesses have to pay more than $10k in monthly rental. It’s everybody’s line: “A man’s got to eat.”

  4. Lee Says:

    The Best Laksa: 328 Katong, a well known place.

    Ooh briyani! One of my favorites! I usually go to Ali Nachia at the railway station in Tanjong Pagar (its more on the mild side though) or you could try Geylang Serai briyani which was publicised in the blog ieatishootipost. I tried it, spicy yet flavourful, and the mutton was soo soft…..

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