Blogs I Don’t Like

Now gentle reader, I am sure that many of you surf through the various blogs just as I do. It is very convenient to just hit that little “next blog” button up there, and it is fun too! But jeez, some of this crap is just too much.

The types of blogs I don’t like and won’t read are:

1. Any blog that is advertising something – If you want to sell something, fork out the money for a friggin web page. Jerks!

2. Pink blogs – Ohhhh how cuuuute. Pink backgrounds, puke!

3. Baby Pic blogs – I looked at pictures of my own babies and grandbabies for decades. I don’t want to see yours.

4. Blogs that are nothing but a series of pics of the blogger – Jeez, think everyone wants to look at you?

5. Student blogs – I don’t care what happened in your stupid math class today!

6. Blogs that don’t have a “next blog” button– Isn’t that annoying????

7. Blogs in a foreign language – I’m sure they are all very interesting but don’t understand any of it.

8. Flower blogs – If I want to look at flowers, I WILL GO OUTSIDE AND LOOK AT SOME AND SMELL THEM TOO! If I wake up in the morning and decide “Mmm, think I will look at some beautiful flowers today” I am not going to get on the internet to do it!

9. Blogs with misspelled werds – (hehe)

10. Blogs about your weight loss program – Ewwww. So you’re fat! Do we have to watch you try to lose it, and listen to all your problems? STOP EATING CRAP AND YOU WILL LOSE IT. AND KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.

11. Ultra creative blogs – If I have to click more than once while in your blog, I hate it.

Wow! I feel a lot better now getting all that frustration out. I may add to this later if I get stressed again.

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8 Comments on “Blogs I Don’t Like”

  1. Venitha Says:

    We are very much alike, Brian. I read this list going, “Yes! I hate that! Oh, man! That, too!” If only everyone could be as cool and wonderful as we are. That’s sarcasm, in case you’ve been in Singapore so long now that you no longer recognize it. =)

  2. The Wizard of 'OZ' Says:

    Do you find too much clicking on ‘OZ’?

  3. cyclone Says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. Ads really bother me. If one is doing this for the money, they should get sponsorship, not blast ads all over the place, unless you are selling something specific to the blog. By the way, I added your blog to my list of recommended sites on mine. I appreciate your promoting of mine. Please email me at: if you feel comfortable doing so. I have some questions about Singapore, and don’t want to take up blog space with them. Keep on plugging, I love your site.


  4. John Riemann Soong Says:

    I think student blogs can be insightful, if they are meant to portray something. It can be a powerful tool in citizen democracy, even on the student level (such as I, so I admit) as a medium of expression.

    Surely what goes on in mathematics class can be pertinent if it reveals something such as a flawed education system, or a grievance? Perhaps the democidal nature of the “Speak Mandarin Campaign” and the suppression of dialects, for example.

  5. John Riemann Soong Says:

    And the multi-click stylesheets gives it a feel of compactness, lah. Not really as ultra-creative as some others….

  6. Capt Fogg Says:

    Jeez, if you had a beard you’d look like me.

  7. mapp Says:

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  8. mayy Says:

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