Hungry Ghosts

Ok, no Bush bashing today. August is the month for Hungry Ghosts in Singapore. We are even having a Hungry Ghosts dinner at work tonite. This is one of the stranger Buddhist traditions that I have run into. During this period, all the dead ancestors get hungry and have to be fed. So people leave food outside, usually small plates with oranges, etc. for their ancestors to eat. You will see these dishes everywhere and anywhere. Its usually cleaned up quickly so it doesn’t present a rat or cockroach problem but its still wierd.

Also, it is a time to give things to the dead ancestors. These things are in paper form and are burned, again anywhere and everywhere, as it is believed that in the smoke the ancestors will receive the stuff. So, you can buy paper shirts, pants, and a whole host of items to burn. Gets very smelly and hazy in some areas, not to mention the mess. It’s really not in keeping with the usual extreme cleanliness in Singapore. If I was a Buddhist, I would burn a paper computer for my father, God rest his soul, as he died before PC’s were everywhere and he truly would have loved to get into that. Oh well……

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2 Comments on “Hungry Ghosts”

  1. Mone Says:

    Hi Brian,
    just ran across your blog and learned about the hungry ghosts festivities. That is amazing. I never heard of it before and I wished I could see it myself. I have to remember that time and maybe I can take my vacation next year there, that would be great. I also looked at your homepage and the beautiful bird houses you made.
    Love them to. Great job you are doing.
    Greetings from Germany by Mone

  2. expatbrian Says:

    Hi Mone, thanks for all the kind comments.

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