A Couple of Thoughts on the War

It seems I am hearing (and reading in my email) some of the same rhetoric that I heard 35 years ago during the Viet thing. I’m talking about the typical lines used by the hawks and the doves concerning support or lack thereof. I just want to clear up a little matter here.

Supporting the troops and supporting the war are not the same thing! Those who oppose the war can be very supportive of our troops. Indeed, some of them have family members that are troops. They support the troops health by wanting to get them home before they lose life or limb. They support the troops emotional mindset by wanting them to be back with their loved ones. What they are protesting is the policy of sending young men to fight and die in a war with a very questionable cause and an even more questionable outcome.

Look people, these guys over there (and I am not talking now of the field grade officers that need deployment like this to make rank) – the common troops over there DON’T WANT TO BE THERE EITHER. Sure, at first it seemed very noble. I’m sure alot of guys felt very patriotic right after 9/11 about going to fight the “terrorists.” But once the war starts dragging on, especially with the revelations about no WMD etc., and there is no end in sight, they hate that crap.

I have evidence to support this. The army cannot meet their recruitment quotas because young men don’t want to go there! A few have come back home and refused to return. Now, the hawks will call them cowards. These are the same rednecks that spout “My country, right or wrong” and all that other useless crap. Fewer than half of the people in America support the war.That is not the same as not supporting the troops, gang. I was a ground soldier in Vietnam, another war in another time but with the same basic policy. Invade a foreign country that is a “threat” to our security, and try to change them to a democratic country that we can deal with WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT. I was naive like every other soldier when I first got there. But I found out it was bullshit and I never faulted those at home that protested the war. Indeed, it was that protest that eventually allowed us to come home before more got killed or crippled.

Well, it didn’t work then and I don’t think its going to work now. Countries tend to not like to be invaded by other countries. They get very patriotic too, and have the gaul to start defending what they percieve to be their rights and their way of life. Bastards!

I know I am ranting and raving here. Just one more point. I respect America mostly because it is a country where people cannot only have differing opinions, but can spout them publically. However, the fact is that most Americans do so from a position of ignorance. The only information they have to form their opinions comes from the press and the double speak put out by the politicians. In other words, most don’t have any first hand experience of what that is like at all. You can read about another car bomb blowing up 20 civiilians but if you don’t see it or experience it, its just not the same. I therefore invite the gentle reader to visit the following website and view some of the pictures and videos that are posted. These are images that you will never see in the Amercian press but it might give you a feel for the real world in regards to war and what our young people there are going through. I caution you that these images are explicit…..http://www.thenausea.com/usa-iraq.html

Ok, thats it for now. Hell, probably no one will ever see this blog but me, lol, so not much difference. Oh well…

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One Comment on “A Couple of Thoughts on the War”

  1. 225712012 Says:

    Well I am reading it. Good job. Keep it up and visit my site too, if you like. I’m an expat too, in Taiwan, and we have a similar ‘ghost day’ here as well, except that it happens twice a month and they burn money as well as leaving food. Didnt know ghosts got hungry (or poor). very interesting.


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